Castellism_ soft substances Flesh space - AMAL.GAM2 Fest [val.]

Discrete bodily aggregation ( Ho Tung So, Catherine Pusey, Noel Keki Surti )

‘Castellism’ is an anthropocentric approach to architecture, where the architecture is discovered through augmentation and mutation of the human body, backed with a detailed anthropometric study. ‘Castellism’, foresees the creation of a series of temporal interior spac es, formed by a collectively choreographed agglomeration of humans. It aims at creating these spatial experiences with use of various hightech customised prosthetics, which contribute in rendering a structural and aesthetic value to the project. Castellism is an architectural system that develops upon the case study of the Castell festival, where the human body, time and communication, function as the main systematic elements. Each Castell tower is constructed and deconstructed within the span of a few minutes, and reinforces the idea of “volatility” and “momentariness” evaluating ‘Castellism’, as dynamic and temporary. The body has evolved over time, to build a human pyramid with conventional wisdom, accompanied with inefficacies and shortcomings. An introduction of a prosthetic element brings about a mutative quality to the human body. The augmented body accompanied with this additional prosthesis, becomes a virtual force in shaping the program for an urban square. The spatial prominence of an urban square is overpowered with the physical characteristics of the Castell festival, and thus, the architecture of the festival is driven by a search for ‘an inner sanctum’. This negative space is articulated by porosity, created between the interlocking castellers, who also act as positive occupants of the space.
AgglomerationThe agglomeration of the people can be programmed, to introduce an architectural prototype which enhances the celebration of the festival. This control exerted over the crowd to realise the introverted architecture, can be brought about by realising the natural and anthropological forces which currently exist during the celebration of the festival. The music played during the festival at certain time intervals, can also be explored as a disciplinary or a soothing mechanism to control the agglomeration of the people in the square.

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