"The Third state"_ Saline environment - AMAL.GAM2 Fest [val.]

Salt composite, Additive Fabrication Sound feedback ( Mitchell Ransome, Hans Liu , Hanna Nihil )

Switzerland is a country that has been layered on top of the alps. It seeps into their nooks and crannies, re-imagines routes through the mountains, re-makes mountain as defensive barrier and cultural symbol that underpin national identity. It is against this stage that the Alphorn Festival plays out. It is a ritual that makes new an intensely historical subject, celebrating the way simple wooden instruments have the power to transform human breath into an impossibly far reaching sound. Through a re-mapping of these historical connotations we can introduce a new means of making-new this innately Swiss sound. Along the stratified vectors of the alpine hiking trails we will introduce an idiosyncratic mechanical system that interprets the sounds of the mountains and creates a new completely immersive environment. An environment that mimics the image of ‘nature’ that has been so carefully traced over the centuries through the ski fields. Salt instead of snow, maze instead of path, map instead of tracing. The new environment will be a place to get lost, to wander, to haphazardly connect one vector to another, constantly dissolving and re-appearing according to its own internal rhythms. Existing only between, the map serves to disrupt and deterritorialise physical routes through space and time, literally
constructing history and language-less auditory space.

About the Alphorn Festival 
The Alphorn festival in Nendaz functions ostensibly as a celebration of Swiss national heritage. Providing a platform for a re-living of history through a series of rituals it sees new routes traced through domesticated alpine landscapes. Originally conceived as a means of insulating Switzerland culturally against the violence of early 20th century Europe, the festival has since evolved into an image spectacular, overlaying a comforting patina of kitsch on a historicized landscape as an easy, yet ultimately futile means of looking backwards. As an answer to this image, the following project re-imagines the key features of the festival in an attempt to engage more meaningfully with the cultural conditions that created it. The architectural explorations articulated in the following pages take the key components of the festival and transform them into spaces that question cultural conceptions of nature, sound and technology. Central to this endeavor is the desire to find new ways of engaging with the infinitely rich and incredibly physical history of the Swiss Alps and the Alphorn Festival.

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