MSDx - AMAL.GAM² Fest[val]

Final exhibition of our Master Design Studio AMAL.GAM² FEST[val.]

The second instalment of Amal.Gam - Amal.Gam (2) FEST situates itself within the realm of festivals, feasts and carnivals and will continue to 
edefi ne the required physical space of gestures, behaviours and rituals. Popular-festive forms have the power to create a space of multiplicity, a second unoffi cial world able to shake up the authoritarian version of language and values. Feasts and more specifi cally carnivals nowadays represent an exploration in subversion, laughter, ambivalence, becoming and excess, which pushes aside the seriousness and hierarchies of “offi cial” life. The outrageous and contradictory images that make up carnivals and festivals inherit an ambivalence allowing a profound refl ection on
society. Within this frame architecture doesn’t develop individually but is inherited within the psyche of the ritual, evoking a potential language of the mind adjacent to a collective unconscious, a “Category of Imagination”. The semester will be dedicated to design an architectural artefact within different existing festivals. This process will follow two streams of research : festivals and anthropological studies, Design and Fabrication research. Each student will be studying a given festival ( Giant Kites of Sagami Festival, Mask festival in Burkina Faso,..) trying to indicate main spatial elements and their relationship within a social context. This analysis will be used to identify a design intervention within the hypothetical framework. The second phase will follow a material driven logic, students through a series of workshops and seminars, will learn how to create feedback from the digital to the analogue using innovative fabrication techniques and software(i.e. algorithmic design and robotic fabrication). Students will conceptualize, design and construct a new notion of ritual-space re-associating the notion of context with festivals and carnival imaginary.

photo 1 by Rizal Ambotang
photo 2-4 by MäID
photo 5,6 by Shawn Koh Jyh Shen

Published: November 29th, 2016

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