Prop I final construction inside the Makkassan village (Bangkok), celebrating human waste within the island of degeneration
Production I The shelter components are done by a real sensor interface robotic system. Sound / voice was recorded for RSI (real sensor interface) which perturbed the trajectories of the robot.
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Copyright I Copyright by New-Territories Bkk (more info at )
with LabM4 + Michigan Ann Arbor in BKK


copyright by New-Territories Bkk

concrete[i]land (bkk makkkasan) I text by New-Territories Bkk

a ‘post-culture’ spasm

The Bowl of mad-mud

In the muck-dirt-turd / human cradle to cradle loop / where substances meet in all their states of chemical transformation / from the fruit of the earth to the rejection /

Human Matter…”where it smells shit, it smells human” to quote Antonin Artaud (‘Là ou ça sent la merde, ça sent l’être.’ Pour en finir avec le Jugement de Dieu, 1947) from body metabolism…. As a cycle… of rejection – recycling (physical context), extracted, pumped, remixed, extruded from the open sky sewage ground below the pilotis… emerging on the above level, the visible level.

Robotic production from recycling matter, first antagonism.

The Ghost Content

Something was lost… the relation to the initial system of knowledge transmission… in this ‘Idiocratic’ post-capitalist regime … no one reads no more… and language has been reduced to a daily life commerce… banality and merchandising.

The people of the Slum, because of their interzone, lawless situation, can re-question this social, political and cultural Alzheimer global XXI century phenomena… via a transgressive line of escape.

We derive, we drift within the situation… to shift this relation to knowledge (rapport au savoir) in a subjective, immersive mode…

In the library, people aren’t expected to read… but to sniff the ashes coming from the books, targeting a travel ‘shot’ to a subculture cinematographic adaptation of the book.

Book readers are sniffers, disseminated in the Slum in a subjective immersive ego-trip, in the pursuit of the Selfie, a self-portrait in Alchemist mode.

At the opposite of Pro-Bono enterprises usually intervening in the slum to promote politically correctness and right consciousness…  


copyright by New-Territories Bkk

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