future retrospective narrative

would you tell me, please,
which way I ought to go from here?
that depends a good deal on
where you want to get to...

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MAEID [Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst] is an interdisciplinary practice questioning the relationship between the human, space and performativity. The work needs to be understood as a seamless interaction between computation, the material and the virtual, living systems & machines.

MAEID is led by Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme.

Within the team are operating collaborating continously different professionals and artists.

FICTION - mythomaniaS / FeralChild-Prelude / / new-territories / francois Roche
Bamboo Bonsai-ing


Installation with bamboo plants, robotics and vapour

157 1/2 × 196 9/10 × 157 1/2 in

400 × 500 × 400 cm

The Feral Child - Prelude (Singapore Art Biennale )

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We were not able to extract the feral child found in the deepness of Primary Thai Jungle without the minimum environmental precaution. The group of scientists in charge of her re-adaptation decided to avoid jumping into a Mowgli syndrome, and instead placed her in a human education settlement. We are directly working on biotope in which she survived, in the deepness of the forest. The feral child has trouble learning to walk upright after walking on fours all her life, and displays a reasonable lack of interest in the human activity around her. She seems mentally affected and has almost insurmountable trouble learning a human language. But even with this high degree of acculturation, she is wildly prepared to survive in a hostile situation. She is a female, of around 20 year old. We are not in the situation to trace her provenance and real identity, but her DNA is showing a kind of creoleness, being 30% Caucasoid and 60% Mongoloid, 10% Negroid. Even if her behavior seems to be plaintive and fearful, even if you can hear whispering sounds reminiscent of jungle animals groans, she is safe. Please do not disturb her, and do not feed her. We are not in a zoo. She has to be respected as the last wild anomaly in natural environment.

Deriving from a desire to explore the deeper meanings of mechanical systems based on natural phenomena (in this case, bamboo growth), this project intends to develop a robotic tool to create a “Techno-Vegetative” bamboo living system, which can be scaled and adapted for a variety of scientific, artistic and cultural purposes. The robotic tool will build a “natural-artificial” woven shelter, which will enable individuals and societies to explore the possibility of a symbiotic life within a forest habitat. Using the vertical entropy of bamboo, a characteristic unique to this genus, the mechanical, robotic tool, and a specifically generated set of rules to regulate the behaviour of the robotic system (which will be known as the “task swarm process”), the process will manipulat the bamboo living system from a series of random, vertical plants into a structure that can be adapted for use. The symbiosis between plants and technology manifested in this literally living architecture will create and articulate a dynamic relationship between technology and “green” as an embedded process, as a transgender and chimeric hypothesis, which renegotiates the relationship between, man and nature. The result will be not simply the construction of a project, but the design of a process that can be redesigned and re-articulated for future, innovative uses.


(C) New Territories All Rights Reserved
Team: Francois Roche, Camille Lacadee, Stephan Henrich, Tiziano Derme and Jeremy Djaffer

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[Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst] is an interdisciplinary practice led by Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme, with office in Vienna]

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