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would you tell me, please,
which way I ought to go from here?
that depends a good deal on
where you want to get to...

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MAEID [Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst] is an interdisciplinary practice questioning the relationship between the human, space and performativity. The work needs to be understood as a seamless interaction between computation, the material and the virtual, living systems & machines.

MAEID is led by Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme.

Within the team are operating collaborating continously different professionals and artists.

MAEID FutureRetrospectiveNarrative / Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst

Vienna, Zurich, Innsbruck


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“The Savage Mind” is a movie which examines the relation between the digital documentation of cultural heritage and the narration of a speculative architecture. New technologies are used to document and archive intangible cultural heritage and at the same time craft the space for a speculative architecture to unfold. 

The film focuses on the traditional “Klaubauf” ritual, performed in alpine villages in eastern Tyrol,  The artwork deals with the preservation and stimulation of living, cultural heritage using new emerging technologies. The film as an architectural medium, slipping between documentary and visionary, engages in new technologies as methods of information transfer. The piece tries to capture virtually the emotional realm of the ritual, retrieving data from the virtual realm and the physical space. “The savage mind” can be described by two different orders of classification: taxonomic and emotional, where magic art and science represent parallel forms of knowledge existing within the human kind. MaeID deploys laser scanning, motion tracking, and digital production to craft a place of narration, visualizing an existing ritual and inhabiting a speculative architecture. 

The birth of contemporary rituals provides evolving scenarios for architectures whose shape and language are yet to be invented and the origin of form is connected to the invention or the interpretation of the ritual. Referring Architecture to a ritual means considering architecture as cognitive category which needs to be perceived, felt almost as spatial instinct loosely compared to the one of the animals [1].  Architecture helps to trigger your memory of why we are here and the truth behind the illusion of reality.

Within this frame Architecture doesn't develop individually but is inherited within the psyche of the ritual evoking potential language of the mind taken taken to resemble a collective UN-conscious, a “Category of Imagination”. It is something we can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents.

[1]  For example,  birds instinctively know how to build nests and all the birds of a species build the exact same kind of nest. The bird is unaware that it has a special instinct for a particular form of nest building. Nevertheless, it does._ K. Jung, Archetypes


Type: Founded Research Project Design Team: Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme Partners: Bundesministerien - Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Photos: copyright by Zita Oberwalder

MAEID – FutureRetrospectiveNarrative

[Büro für Architektur und transmediale Kunst] is an interdisciplinary practice led by Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme, with office in Vienna]

Otto Loewi Gasse 18/3
8042 - Graz